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Are LED Car Headlights Road Legal?

LED lights have become much popular in a variety of applications for few years, including in lighting, medical care, agriculture, and now, in car lights. While it's more common to see LED bulbs in brake lights, fog lights, or interior lights, you can also purchase LED headlights. However, are LED headlights legal?

Road legal headlights are those that are legal to use on the street. Every region has different laws that determine exactly what makes car bulbs road legal, but there are some basic guidelines you can follow to ensure your headlights are road legal.

When using your headlights, the goal is to be able to see objects on the road around 50-100 meters ahead of you. Your lights must be bright enough to allow you to see, but they shouldn't be so bright that they blind other drivers.

There are also laws regarding the color of your headlights. Regardless of which region you live in, the law requires your headlights to be yellow or white. Some drivers may find that certain car bulbs are too blue, making them non-road legal, some HID/Xenon bulbs are among them. BROSintl® LED car bulbs, are with 3000K, 4300K, 6000K color temperature, which are road legal color, warm white yellow, neutral white and cool white.

LED headlights are the trends to replace halogen bulbs or HID bulbs. They'll give your car a stylish look, and they also have a much longer lifetime in comparison to a halogen or HID bulb.

There is a potential problem with LED headlights is the way they're angled. When drivers switch from halogen to HID bulb, they must use an HID conversion kit that ensures the new, brighter bulbs are pointing in the right direction - down and away from oncoming traffic. Otherwise, the light from the bulbs can sometimes shine directly at other vehicles. Drivers who replace their halogen bulbs with LED headlights may not properly align their new headlights angle. If you install LED bulbs, make sure you realign your bulbs to eliminate the risk of blinding oncoming drivers.

LED headlights are a great upgrading for your car, with legal light, 50 to 100 meters light distance and installed in a position that do not dazzle other drivers.

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